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Call For Papers

The Crypto and Blockchain Economics Research (CBER) Forum invites you to submit papers for presentation at the 3rd Annual CBER Conference on May 5th, 2023. The conference will be held in New York, NY, hosted by the Briger Family Digital Finance Lab and the Center for Digital Finance and Technologies at Columbia University. The conference will award a best conference paper prize and a best conference discussant prize with the generous support from the FinTech Initiative at Cornell. The submission deadline is February 3, 2023.


Authors submitting papers to the conference are also offered a dual submission option with Management Science (MS). If this option is chosen, “dual submitted” papers will be forwarded to participating MS Department Editors (DEs), along with their conference reviews. MS DEs will conduct an additional screening and can opt to “sponsor” individual papers, by sending out a formal invitation to submit to the journal. Regardless of the conference outcome, authors of papers invited by MS editors will have two months to decide whether to accept the invitation and submit to the journal. At that point, the paper will undergo the journal review process handled by the “sponsoring” DE. Dual submitted papers that do not receive a DE invitation, or that do receive an invitation, but are ultimately not submitted, could still be submitted to the journal under its standard rules in the future. We emphasize that both the invitation to submit and the ultimate publication decision, lie with the journal, and in particular there is no guarantee that a dual submitted paper will be invited, or ultimately accepted by the journal. However, we do anticipate that this process will lead to a faster decision from the journal for invited papers.


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