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CBER-Circle Insight Prize

The Crypto and Blockchain Economic Research (CBER) Forum and Circle are proud to announce a best paper prize, the CBER-Circle Insight Prize, to honor a significant contribution to the crypto and blockchain economics literature. The prize will entail a monetary award, provided generously by Circle. The prize will be awarded at the 3rd Annual CBER Conference on May 5th 2023 at Columbia University. The nomination deadline is February 17th, 2023.



All papers published in scholarly journals with print dates between January 1st, 2020 and December 31st, 2022 are eligible, except those co-authored by the prize committee members (members listed below). Nominated papers must be on the topic of crypto and blockchain economics, broadly defined. Researchers may nominate their own work, but no more than one nomination per submitter will be counted.

Selection Process

Prize committee members will tabulate nominations and determine finalist papers based on the number of nominations for each paper. Thereafter, a selection committee will be appointed, composed of CBER Fellows and senior researchers at Circle. The selection committee will independently select the winning paper from the finalist papers.

Prize Committee

Andreas Park, University of Toronto

Julien Prat, Ecole Polytechnique

Fahad Saleh, Wake Forest University

Selection Committee


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