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Crafting the Crypto Economy Podcast

The CBER Forum and Ava Labs are proud to announce the Crafting the Crypto Economy podcast series. Episodes feature deep dives into various topics including lending platform economics, DEX design, DAO governance, and much more. By highlighting major research efforts, the series aims to unveil useful learning, explain complex topics, and educate a wide range of listeners, from beginners to professionals. Most of all, the podcast will equip lawmakers and regulators with the additional tools and knowledge they need to effectively and sensibly shape workable blockchain policies that maximally benefit all parties.

Moderated by Andreas Park (University of Toronto) and Fahad Saleh (Wake Forest University)


Episode 1: Are Cryptoassets Securities?

Guest: Lewis Cohen (DLx Law)


Episode 2: Governance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Guests: Brett Falk (University of Pennsylvania) and Gerry Tsoukalas (Boston University)

Episode 3: Just-In-Time Liquidity At Decentralized Exchanges

Guest: Agostino Capponi (Columbia University)

Episode 4: Economics of Lending Platforms

Guests: Thomas Rivera (McGill University) and Quentin Vandewyer (University of Chicago)

Episode 5: Loss-Versus-Rebalancing (LVR) at Decentralized Exchanges

Guest: Ciamac Moallemi (Columbia University)

4th Annual CBER Conference
NYU Stern School of Business
New York, NY
May 23, 2024

In collaboration with the NYU Stern Finance Department, Ava Labs, the Fubon Center for Technology, Business, and Innovation at NYU Stern, Columbia University’s Briger Family Digital Finance Lab and Center for Digital Finance and Technologies, Boston University’s Digital Business Institute at the Questrom School of Business, Ecole Polytechnique, FinTech at Cornell - an Initiative of the SC Johnson College of Business, the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management's FinHub, and the Wake Forest University School of Business

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